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Hangzhou Scala Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, specializing in compressed air treatment and gas separation technology. At the same time, it is the authorized agent of laboratory liquid nitrogen generator from UK Noblegen Cryogenics.

Scala Filtration offers a wide range of liquid nitrogen generator plant based on advanced GM (Gifford McMahon) cold-head and mixed-refrigerant cryo-cooler. Liquid nitrogen flow capacity ranging from 10liters/day up to 2400liters/day.

The traditional research laboratory relies on bottled liquid nitrogen. The rising cost, safety problems in transportation and storage of liquid nitrogen have long puzzled users. The use of on-site liquid nitrogen generator can end the traditional supply of liquid nitrogen. Its reliability and economy have been widely recognized in the global market.


Our customers include Hamilton Hospital of Cambridge University, Glaxo SmithKline, Agilent, Coca Cola, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Academy of tropical agriculture, etc.


Within a few years, a number of well-known scientific research institutions and universities have been using our products. Including: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Tarim University, Guizhou University, Huaibei Normal University, Fujian Normal University, Guangxi Normal University etc.

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    Professional and creative team with more advanced equipment

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    Rigorous product quality inspection team, obtained various industry honor certificates

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    One-to-one service, one minute response, good service is our principle

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    Quality assurance, high cost performance, reasonable price and good value for money

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Hangzhou Scala Filtration Technology Co., Ltd

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